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At Maine Pool Table Services we have installed many brands of commercial and residential pool tables through the years.  When I service a pool table I use only machinist level for accurate leveling and precision tools on your pool table.  


Being a competive pool player myself I take great pride in providing the highest level of service when moving and or installing your pool table.  We use only the highest grade boxes and number all parts in advance before package your table for transportation.


All Ralls are cut to exact angle and profile according to the WPA requirements.

As you can see above, we offer a wide selection of felts to choose depending on your playing style.


Please be advised we do offer special pricing for poolhalls, bars, Legions and Eagles Club facilities when re-felting your tables.


Yes, we do sell and install used 7ft, 8ft and 9 ft tables and have some available currently.



Pricing For Services


Call Jeff at 207-240-1458 or  e-mail me and I will gladly quote you on the services you are requesting.  

By Appointment


Auburn Maine.

Our Services


​- Move & Assemble Tables, Storage

- Desassemble & Package For  Storage To Be Sold.

- Re-Felt Table Bed & Rails.

- Re-Glue and Replace Rubber Rails

- Re-Level Table with Precious Equipment. 

- Repair Most Brand Pool Tables

-Restore Tables

- Work on Commercial Pool Tables.

( Bar, Pool Halls, Elks, Legion, Eagles)

- Install & Sell Lighting.

- Sell Pool Tables.

About Us

As an avid pool player I am committed to improving the quality of pool tables for our fellow pool and league players in the state of Maine and anywhere else I can.  I absolutely love the billiard games and my goal is to provide the absolute best playing tables I can.