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Shelton Pool Table available thru Maine Pool Table Services in Auburn and Lisbon Maine
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Shelton Pool Table  

Finish Option: Glacier Wood

Size Option: 8ft

The eight-foot Shelton Pool Table sports a hot geometric design and cool Glacier wood finish for a modern touch in any room. Providing exceptional craftsmanship and gameplay with its base of one-inch certified slate, custom leather drop pockets, stain-resistant felt, and custom rail sights, this masterpiece exceeds BCA Tournament specifications and comes complete with Supreme Accessory kit.


The Shelton Pool Table Features:

  • Finished by hand, using a multi-step process in a striking Glacer

  • 1", three-piece certified slate for the highest play quality possible

  • K66 Natural Cushion Rubber on each rail for a consistent, authentic, and even rebound

  • Black Teflon-coated spill-resistant felt

  • Custom Drop Pockets made of Leather for consistent, quiet play as well as a great look and feel 

  • Coordinating, Decorative sights that combine functionality for game play and beauty that matches the design itself

  • 8ft Size Available.

Our standard pool ball sets are ideal for casual games of pool with family and friends. However, if you take your pool seriously, we suggest switching to phenolic resin pool balls. Both the Brunswick Centennial Ball Set and the Aramith Premium Ball Set are available from us.

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