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Move & Transport Pool Tables

Leave moving your expensive pool table to a professional. Damages can be costly such as:

1) Cracking and chipping your slate.

   (Extremely expensive to replace)

2) Damage to your rails.

3) Losing parts.

4) Damaging felt.

Most important, personal injury to yourself.

A slate can weigh up to 250 lbs per section.

Maine Pool Table Services Is An Insured Company.

Maine Pool Table Services, Jeff Robitaille, repairing pool table at Schemengees in Lewiston Me

Call Now to schedule having your table moved, stored and or relocated. 207-705-4258

Yes, we can disassemble, move, store and set your table back up.

Pool Table Movers In Maine, Jeff Robitaille, assembling pool table

Maine Pool Table Services is trademarked and owned & operated by Jeff Robitaille and does not affiliate with any other companies.

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