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1) Are you moving?

2) Have you Inherited a pool table?


3) Found a great deal on a pool table, just

need time to build out your new man/she cave?


We will do a complete disassembly of your pool table, transport, store it and then set it back up at your desired location, when you are ready. 

Your pool table will be stored in a "pool table box" to insure it's safe move and storage time.


We offer long and short term storage.

If stored for more than 6 months the

re-installation fee will be 50% off.

(not including mileage.)

Maine Pool Table Services, owner, Jeff Robitaille, repairing billiard table in Maine.

Call Now For Your Quote 207-705-4258

Maine Pool Table Services Is An Insured Company.

Maine Pool Table Services repaired billiard pool table
Maine Pool Table Services, is trademarked and owned & operated by Jeff Robitaille and does not affiliate with any other companies.

Pool Table Moving & Storage

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