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 Refelt Pool Tables In Maine & NH

 Yes, we re-felt and cloth pool tables whether for your home game room, pool hall, or resort. Often, a guest has accidentally "spilled a beverage" on your pool table felt.  Unfortunately, the only resolution is to refelt or recloth your pool table. 


We will gladly discuss your pool playing needs to recommend the most durable or best-playing cloth for your pool table. Yes, it is important to know if you are a recreational player or a competitive, league tournament player.  It's the difference between a long-lasting recreational felt compared to fast-rolling tournament cloth, like Simonis Cloth. (check out the link)


Maine Pool Table Services provides the same amount of precision care to all our client's pool tables that we refelt, we are experienced installers and insured.


Maine Pool Table Services re-felt, pool table in customer's home in Maine

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Kindly, fill out the form completely so I may provide an accurate quote.  

Maine Pool Table Services Jeff repairing pool table 207-705-4258

Maine Pool Table Services is trademarked and owned & operated by Jeff Robitaille and does not affiliate with any other companies.

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