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Maine Pool Table Services installs Championships Tour Edition Pool Table Cloth. It is 24 Ounce Weight worsted cloth. This pool & billiard table cloth is a  durable tournament quality fabric with built in strength and consistent and true playing surface.  

Maine Pool Table Service is insured and a 5 Star Rate local company in pool table repair, re-felting, replacing felt, leveling pool tables, moving and assembling pool tables in Maine and NH.

Maine Pool Table Services Jeff Robitaille at 207-240-1458 repairing pool table, Lewiston Me
Maine Pool Table Services, is trademarked and owned & operated by Jeff Robitaille and does not affiliate with any other companies.

Championships Tour Edition
Pool & Billiard Table Cloth

Beige School Teacher Thank You Card (1).

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Electric Blue.

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