Simonis Pool Table Cloth



70% wool / 30% nylon 

Width: 165, 195 and 206 cm

Excellent tournament pool cloth massively used in the whole world for decades.  Especially recommended for high traffic.

Available in all colors listed currently.

Please call us for availability & lead time.


90% wool / 10% nylon

Width: 165 and 195

The exclusive tournament pool cloth chosen for virtually all major pool tournaments and championships worldwide.

Currently available in all colors listed.

Please call us for availability & lead time.



860 HR

70% wool / 30% nylon

Width: 165 and 198

A true hybrid, the weight of 860 and the composition of 760.  It offers the best compromise between the ball control and the speed of your cloth.

Colors available, yellow green, blue green, royal blue, electric blue, tournament blue and powder blue.

Please call us for lead time.



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